Consulting for Physicians or Medical Practices

You’ve heard it before… High income does not automatically equal wealth. 

Paying too much in tax, making poor investment choices, failing to protect your assets, and failing to plan for your future income are all very common mistakes made by medical professionals.

And you KNOW you can figure this stuff out… if you only had the free time to do it.

When a medical practitioner fails to minimize the tax they pay, they are simultaneously reducing their cash flow and wealth building opportunities.

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC was founded on the steadfast belief that medical professionals like you want and need proactive planning and advice to help achieve optimal financial results. With our proven processes and multi-disciplinary approach, we combine tax, law, wealth management, and insurance services to provide a specialized family office experience.

Let us help you manage the tax, law, wealth management, and insurance issues; and you can focus on helping your patients and spending time with your family.