Advanced Planning & Strategy

As businesses and wealth grow, new (and more complex) opportunities present themselves. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC is well versed in a variety of complex tax saving, wealth building, asset protection, and estate planning opportunities for the successful professional, entrepreneur, and family. 

Our CPAs are strategists and planners first, and accountants second. Each is trained not only in the technical complexities of a tax return, but also in wealth management and legal/insurance matters of importance to our high net worth clients. Our multi-disciplined approach strengthens our firm’s value proposition compared to standalone accounting agencies, as our CPAs work alongside our other financial and legal professionals to provide strategic, proactive, and innovative planning that has a real impact on your life.

Advanced Planning is exactly what it sounds like. It involves more sophisticated and complex strategies that often include the participation of a lawyer, financial advisor, banker, or other professional. The application of these kinds of strategies are highly customized and are unique for each client. We pride ourselves in identifying and implementing the right opportunity to achieve the highest level of success available.

Some examples of advanced planning techniques that we employ are: