SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC was created to provide new, small, and emerging businesses in North Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen and the surrounding communities with proactive, insightful, and valuable planning and strategy.

Our focus on business consultation in addition to traditional CPA related services, such as tax planning and bookkeeping, is a hallmark of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC.

Some of our clients rely solely on our ability to manage their bookkeeping. However, most call on us for some or all of the other services to help them develop and/or implement their business gameplan.

If you are in need for more than your “typical” CPA and you live, work, or play near Frisco, TX please feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way we can.


  • For several years now, Sean and his entire team have served as a great ‘accounting’ firm for our modestly sized, steadily growing boutique consultancy. But all this changed in the last twelve months: we found ourselves in the ring, fist to fist with some of our industry’s heavyweights vying for a handful of exceedingly desirable, destiny changing, high volume, multi-year projects with several dynamite prospects. We were the proverbial David facing several Goliaths. To win each and every project, we had to provide an unprecedented array of mind-numbing financial data. After a few pivotal...
    Blake Leath, PhD
  • Sean and his staff have been an excellent resource for our clients as well as our practice. It is rare to find CPA’ s in the marketplace that embrace a level of commitment to honest communication, forward thinking consultation and client first attitudes.
    Jason E. Tarver
    CFM / Vice President
  • I’ve worked with Sean and SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, for a number of years, and I have always found them to be friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile to find creative and innovative solutions to complex corporate accounting challenges. When clients of mine ask me for a CPA recommendation, SMD Consulting & Accounting is one of the first firms I think of, because I know that they will treat my clients exceedingly well.
    Adam Plunk
  • Sean is hands-down the best CPA I have met for small- and medium-sized business owners. His unique background provides him with tools and perspective to approach the most complicated of situations and create real solutions in a cost-effective manner. Also, his business consulting services separate him from his peers and form a very important facet of his practice. I refer my clients to him knowing they will receive unparalleled service and experience.
    Stephen Johns
    The Johns Firm
  • Over the years that I have worked with SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, I have found that they are much more than just tax preparers and bookkeepers. I rely on them for strategic advice related to the growth of my practice as much as I do for tax returns. If you have a medical practice, small business, or just need a tax return prepared, I would strongly recommend you call them to help you as well.
    Brent Bilhartz
    Owner/ Founder
  • I have worked with Sean and his team for about three years and I am very pleased with their performance. I interviewed a few others when I needed a CPA firm to represent my business needs but I felt the SMD team really was a great fit. They all have a passion for their work and each with their own personality. Sean is always willing to help me with the routine questions or very strategic consultation. As a financial professional, I am careful to give out recommendations. However, I routinely provide Sean’s team as a source of help in a […]
    Don Perry
    Financial Advisor
  • I have worked with Sean and his team since 2012, and I couldn’t be happier with their performance. My tax situation is quite complex – five companies with various levels of ownership and capital. SMD stepped right in, and helped improve my situation with good ideas and business consulting. I received more than I expected from SMD!
    Ed Trachier
    Founder & CEO
  • I first met Sean and was impressed as he speaks differently than most CPA. Rarely do I hear a CPA speak of customer care. Sean is my CPA, and I’ve experienced fabulous and consistent customer service from his entire staff. Every time I pick up the phone and call, I’m greeted promptly and served quickly with expert knowledge. I’m so impressed, I refer my clients to Sean for the last 4+ years. In my line of work, I review tax returns almost daily. I see errors other CPA’s make and crazy deductions. I wonder what would happen to these clients […]
    Patty Newby
    Loan Originator
  • Being a small, start-up business and having no prior knowledge of dealing in this area of taxes or bookkeeping can be a scary experience. We have full trust in both Sean Duncan and his employees to provide us with honest and reliable information and work. His advice is easy to understand and I honestly can’t imagine going with anyone else.
    Dr. Catherine Kuiken
    Owner/ Founder
  • Although SMD Accounting cares about accuracy and getting things done right, that’s not all they care about… they care about your business and offer solutions that most CPA firms won’t! If you are looking for a total business advisor that understands small business, we highly recommend SMD Accounting.
    Jill Young
    EOS Implementer
  • What sets Sean apart is the enthusiasm he brings to the table to explore options to generate great business results for his clients. Many CPAs simply throw reports over the wall. Sean has the unique ability to look behind the numbers and help clients make better business decisions. He truly bridges the chasm between “the numbers” and the realities of running a business.
    Jeff Whittle
  • There is nothing average about you or your business, and you need more than just an average CPA. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC provides more than just great accounting services. SMD helps me make more effective, more efficient and more profitable business decisions. They help you identify critical financial and business management issues and walk you through solving them. It is like having an expert in every business field at my fingertips. Every business needs SMD in their corner to succeed.
    Eduardo Almeida
  • When I first started my business, I always thought I could keep my ‘books’ on my own. But after a few years, I got caught up working and let my financials get out of control. I needed help. I called on SMD Consulting to come in and review my records and clean up my financials. They are all now in order. SMD did a fantastic job and continue to help me with all my needs. Their prices are very fair for the value they provide. I would call on Sean and the gang to help you and your business needs. […]
    Dr. Shawn Scoggin
  • Sean and the staff at SMD Consulting and Accounting are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to tax prep and business consulting. Sean has been instrumental in helping my business grow by strategizing for both short and long term goals. His guidance has helped reduce tax liability and provide layers of protection through a well thought out plan. His personal approach to business is refreshing. It is rare that you find such a great group of people that are passionate about what they do. I consider Sean and his staff to be valued member of our team.
    Mike Cunningham
  • I have been working with SMD Consulting for over 4 years. I love having this firm as a resource for my clients and for people in my network. I know that anyone I refer to them will be treated as a VIP, with care and integrity not found in other CPA firms. Sean and his team bring a wealth of knowledge and a real commitment to their clients’ success not seen in most firms. They are so unique in their culture, I was willing to recommend a friend of mine go and work for them. An accounting consulting firm full […]
    Kenda-Le Pernin
    Business & Personal Coach
  • I have been using SMD Consulting for a number of years now and cannot say enough about their team. I initially began using them to prepare taxes for only one  of my companies, but was so impressed with their attention to detail and customer service, that within a short period of time I transferred my other four companies and all personal taxes into their care. The team at SMD are far more advanced than your typical accounting firm, as they offer a vast knowledge of our tax code, advice in  implementing new and innovative ideas and maintain a high level of communication  through it […]
    Phillip Howell
    Owner/ Founder
  • I have been working with Sean and his team for some years now. After trying to handle my 941 employment taxes on my own with pretty disastrous results, Sean and his team did a full accounting with the IRS going back several years to clean up the errors and even help with getting some of the penalties waived. Even more impressive, they handled my full business tax audit with the IRS with flying colors. They helped with a very stressful time when I really needed it. Their professionalism and knowledge of the tax laws turned a very scary time into […]
    Brad Baca
    Owner/ Founder
  • The financial complexities of today’s high-net worth family demands Advisors that understand the importance of a long-term financial strategy and the intellectual capital needed to be forward thinking. Sean and his practice meet those demands head on with sound advice, proactive strategies and, above all else, integrity. Many thanks to Sean and his staff for their Counsel and help in keeping our Clients prepared for both today and tomorrow.
    Jason E. Tarver
    CFM/Vice President
  • Sean and his staff have proven over and over again to be exceptional on everything from mundane items as to how to configure out chart of accounts, to long term planning, to staffing requirements, to very complex issues such as tax planning and preparation and first-class CFO type questions. We have no reservations trusting Sean with the health of our business and recommend his firm at every opportunity. And as a bonus, he is definitely not the stereotypical stuffy accountant – he is someone who knows that running a business can be stressful and has the ability to be human. […]
    Michael Baker
  • Not only do I recommend SMD Consulting & Accounting to my clients, but I am also their client! They are a proactive team that helps me meet all the various tax deadlines, reminds me to file the monthly and quarterly reports and taxes and, most important, saves me money on my taxes! They are extremely knowledgeable and keep up to date with the newest tax breaks so their clients can take advantage of them. They are also proactive in reviewing the financials to help me determine if there are any areas of my business that may be less profitable than […]
    Terry L. Traveland
  • You Rock!
    Amy Linn
  • After having going through more accountants than I can count (including the big guys) we finally found SMD Consulting and Accounting; we finally found a partner we can trust. They tell us what we need to know rather than expecting us to tell them what to do. They are hands down the best team I have ever worked with.
    Christian Lehinger
    HealthQuest Alliance
  • Starting your first business can be scary.  I was referred to SMD Consulting by someone else that I barely knew.  Meeting Sean Duncan and his very capable staff was a moment of exhale.  Everyone treated me and my business like I owned a Fortune 100 company.  The staff is professional, congenial and comical.  The fees are reasonable and the effort to handle my financials is above reproach.  I would recommend any start-up to SMD Consulting.
    Denise Bonzon
  • SMD Accounting and Consulting is one of my strategic partners because I know that my clients I refer will receive the very best accounting and tax advice and service. My executive coaching company specializes in helping highly motivated, successful business owners make significant leaps in their strategic development, communication and over all leadership skills. My clients expect nothing but the best and I know that SMD will deliver at my clients’ level of expectations. On top of that, SMD stays on top of all accounting and tax changes, so you can trust that they will keep you informed. The...
    Rodger Blaker
  • Sean and his team are a rare find! Sean doesn’t “do our taxes”, he is an instrumental player in our financial planning. He takes the time to understand where we are and where we are heading. Best of all, he is quick, he knows his business inside and out and can analyze a situation and make recommendations immediately. Also, you don’t need a CPA to understand his thought process and recommendations. He shares information in a straightforward manner that enables us to make decisions with confidence. I finally feel that we are maximizing our tax savings and proactively managing...
    Donna Breedlove
    Founder and Real Estate Agent
  • In our search for a CPA firm for our start up business and assistance with our family taxes one of the firms we visited was SMD Consulting & Accounting. We immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Sean and his team. He answered our questions thoroughly, gave additional advice as needed and made us feel very comfortable that we had found someone we could trust and who had our best interest at heart. When we have questions that we need assistance with (as we’re out of town) we just pick-up the phone and call and everyone has always been very […]
  • STARTING A BUSINESS – CALL SEAN The above should be on a billboard for every person who plans to begin a new business to see. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and the process necessary in creating effective accounting procedures. They are friendly, knowledgeable and always available to lend a helping hand. Whether giving advice or handling tax reporting, they are first class. There is absolutely no reason to go any place else.
    Earl M. Williams, Jr
    Earl Williams & Associates
  • SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC was an integral part of getting my small business off the ground. Extremely knowledgeable: SMD helped us with everything from basic accounting to complex business tax issues. Available and reliable: SMD always had an answer to us for our business accounting questions in record time. Very friendly: The service we got at SMD was phenomenal. We were always treated as valued clients, never as a number.
    Doug Halter
    Franchise Owner
  • To call Sean Duncan a CPA would be a disservice. He’s a business advisor with the background of a CPA. His advice and counsel have had a major positive impact on our business. Sean is truly a trusted advisor.
    Kevin Collins
    Personal Retirement Advisor
  • SMD Consulting & Accounting provides top service to business, individuals and families. The focus is on you, and what is best for you. Sean Duncan and his team go beyond accounting and taxes. They look at the end results by providing a consulting oriented approach to your needs. You tell him your goals, and he will work hard to provide the information and resources to get you there. SMD Consulting & Accounting has an extensive network of contacts and ways to provide a solution to your issues. With SMD, they keep their promises.
    Bill Collins, CFP
    Financial Advisor
  • As a small business owner, SMD Consulting & Accounting is our “go to” team for everything from tax preparation to everyday financial consulting. We recently considered adding additional staff to our team and prior to making an employment offer, we requested SMD do analysis that we used to determine the compensation plan for that employee. SMD goes beyond the standard accounting sterotype — they have truly helped us make strong financial decisions for our organization.
    Shelly Iversen
    Ignite It Group
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SMD in the News

Sean has been invited as a guest on multiple radio stations, been interviewed for articles in the The Dallas Morning News, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and Modern Accountant Magazine, and featured on various web broadcasts and blogs. Do you want to chat with him for your publication or broadcast? If so, contact us at info@smdaccounting.com

Most recently, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has been featured in a case study by payroll giant ADP for our innovative shift from the traditional CPA business model to one that focuses on consulting and higher value to business owners. Read more here.

Keep an eye on the news and this page for updates on upcoming features.