We do what you wish your
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Comprehensive Planning for Exceptional Business Owners & Families 

The SMD Difference

We help you build and preserve life-long wealth by focusing on tax reduction, financial planning, asset preservation, and investment management through the lens of strategic tax planning. 

Our team offers some of the most cutting edge and innovative strategies in the accounting and financial services industries for families and business owners. And thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we reach well beyond the limitations of singular financial professionals working in isolation. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC combines tax, law, wealth management, and insurance services to provide a specialized family office experience.

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC serves individuals who want to protect and build their wealth through strategic, long-term planning. We specialize in serving Medical Practitioners, Real Estate Investors, and Business Owners at every level through our proven, comprehensive approach.


Acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.

You want advice before an opportunity has passed you by. Whether you are planning to reduce taxes, increase wealth, plan economic changes, implement growth strategies, and/or minimize risk; our proven processes provide you with guidance and insight throughout the year, so you can make informed decisions to achieve your business and financial goals.


Having a powerful effect on a situation or person.

Proactive and informed decision-making generates profound success. You can achieve demonstrative results through the implementation of effective tax strategies, thoughtful estate planning, and responsive wealth management. Maximizing your resources with the least amount of risk is the name of the game.


A high level of knowledge
or skill.

Personal greatness can be achieved though skillfully leveraging the experience of others. We know that highly experienced teams and proven methods drive continuous innovation and improvement. Our proven techniques for advanced planning take into consideration tax, legal, financial, and operational factors to best support you along the road to success.

  • “I’ve worked with SMD for over 3 years and they have been such a blessing to me. I don’t even want to think about the financial mess I would have on my hands if I didn’t start working with them. They helped me get my companies set up properly, and help me keep up with all of the many tax regulations and reporting requirements, give me guidance, and help me stay on top of everything. They are great people to work with and truly go out of their way to find the right solutions! Genuine, hard working, smart. Highly highly recommend.”

    Kendra Pemberton
  • “As a business owner it is great to have a team behind you to support you and advise you. I want to say thanks to the team for their great advice and help during these crazy Covid times. Your responsiveness to my needs have made a difference. I appreciate the quality and the customer service. Can’t recommended them enough”

    Samurai-Inti Martial Arts
  • “Sean and his team are top notch CPAs and consultants. They focus more on business consulting, though obviously taxes play an important role in that. They are very responsive and stay up to date with everything (particularly the fast paced changes related to the various business relief options associated with the COVID-19 issue currently going on). I would have no hesitancy in recommending Sean and his team to anyone looking for a solid business partner.”

    Ryan Fuchs
  • “My company is entering its seventh year in which we have relied on our CPA to keep our business operating smoothly. After a couple of years in which we had nothing but issues with our books and filings, SMD Consulting has been absolutely amazing. They oversee our monthly bookkeeping and handle all of our tax reporting and we have been treated very well and have not had to deal with a single issue since engaging them to help us. I am so grateful for Sean and his colleagues at SMD. They also handle some of my personal matters and I highly recommend them for business and personal needs”

    Tommy Benizio
  • “SMD has been a great asset to my company. The advice given to me by the people at SMD has been vital to the growth of my company. During tax prep they communicate extremely well to me about what to expect and what I need to do. I also have Leslie manage my books to keep everything in order, giving me more time to spend on my company and family.”

    Bryan Piccola

Employment Opportunities

Are you a tax, financial, or bookkeeping rockstar that really knows how to do your job and take care of the client while doing so? SMD might just be looking for you.