Wealth Management Services

Wealth management, as a practice, is the utilization of services and products to grow, protect, utilize, and disseminate wealth. Effective wealth management requires a united team of professionals working together across multiple financial service industries. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, in collaboration with specialists at Heritage Family Offices, LLP and Helping Hand RIA, LLC, incorporates financial advisors, Certified Financial Planners, attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and insurance specialists to provide an all-encompassing approach to wealth management. 

We adhere to the highest levels of regulatory standards in the financial advisory industry. Heritage Wealth Management and Helping Hand RIA, LLC, affiliates of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, are Registered Investment Advisory firms that maintain fiduciary licenses. Our activities are subject to heightened due diligence and feasibility requirements, ensuring that every investment selection is not only soundly managed but is appropriate for each individual client’s portfolio. Additionally, our financial advisors are precluded from collecting commissions on investments but are compensated on a strictly fee-only basis. This means our advisors are exclusively focused on serving the best interest of their clients, without the conflicts of interest inherent in commission schemes.

As you navigate through life, you are faced with countless choices and uncertainties. You do your best to avoid risks and make the best choices, but the future is not clear, and you do not always know if you are making the right decision. The sooner risks are identified and the better informed you are, the clearer your path and the easier it is to realize your long-term goals. Financial planning is no different.

Developing a comprehensive financial plan can provide peace of mind by helping you take actions today to get the lifestyle you want tomorrow. By working with an SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC Financial Advisor and Planner, you will receive a fully custom and professionally developed financial plan tailored to your life.

Of course, life is not static and unchanging, and neither are financial plans. Our wealth management professionals create dynamic financial plans that fit our clients’ dynamic lives. We continually monitor and update these plans as changes happen in your life, and regularly stress test the plan to make sure you are not over-exposed to any specific risks and that you remain on track to accomplish your wealth goals. As you face financial decisions in the future, our advisors and planners illustrate the various outcomes and how they will affect your plan in order to help you make a well-informed decision that will maximize your wealth and prosperity.