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Our business lawyers specialize in the unique legal needs facing successful closely held businesses. By working in conjunction with Heritage estate planning lawyers, CPAs, and financial advisors, our business lawyers better understand the comprehensive needs, goals, and objectives of our business owner clients, and therefore can advise beyond the legal matter at hand.

We build strong relationships through the vast array of services we offer in several areas of business and commercial law. We are a full-service business law firm that can advise businesses and their owners in all types of commercial transactions, from basic operating agreements and contracts through assistance with complex corporate and capital transactions.

Legal Services for Businesses:

Building, growing, and preserving wealth requires skillful lawyers who understand how to navigate complicated laws involving estate planning, asset protection, and other matters concerning high net worth individuals. That is why HFO Law Group, an affiliate of SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC, focuses exclusively in areas that complement our clients’ present and future financial goals. Our lawyers are present in every detail of your financial life, working alongside your CPA and wealth management team to architect legal strategies and solutions that preserve your wealth today and in the future. 

Though our lawyers are very skilled in traditional legal planning techniques, HFO Law Group is not a traditional law firm. Our goal is to help our clients maximize all opportunities in the most tax efficient way possible. We design, oversee, and maintain some of the most cutting-edge strategies and solutions in the industry.

Our attorneys are present during the entire planning process to ensure they understand the nuances of our clients’ goals. Our multi-faceted, all-encompassing, holistic approach means our plans are full of tangible goals, not legal minutia.

Basic Estate Planning:

Health Care Concerns:

Advanced Estate Planning:

Philanthropic Planning:

Asset Protection:

Advanced Income Tax Planning