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Our team offers some of the most cutting edge and innovative strategies in the financial services industry. 

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we reach well beyond the limitations of singular financial professionals working in isolation. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC combines tax, law, wealth management, and insurance services to provide a specialized family office experience.

When Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Certified Financial Planners, and Insurance Specialists collaborate, we believe this allows us to provide you with thoughtful and highly individualized solutions. This specialized family office experience, previously only available to ultra-high net worth individuals, allows us to provide comprehensive and proactive advice that helps you build and preserve life-long wealth.

various financial professionals in your life. High net worth individuals, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and their families may have multiple business entities, wide-ranging investments, tax-saving opportunities, and legal & insurance concerns, just to name a few. You need an advisor that can integrate a broad range of skills to align all your financial activities and their implications with your specific objectives.

We are CPAs, registered investment advisors, lawyers, and business owners, so you get the combined benefit of all those skill sets in one trusted advisor.

What are YOU getting “all under one roof”?

Tax Services

Wealth Management

Legal Services

Basic Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney

Health Care Concerns

Healthcare Powers of Attorney, End of Life Decisions

Advanced Income Tax Planning
Advanced Estate Planning

Qualified Personal Residence Trusts, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts

Philanthropic Planning

Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts, Private Foundations, Charitable Limited Liability Companies

Legal Services for Businesses

Buy-Sell Agreements, Operating Agreements, Bylaws, Contract Review and Drafting, Corporate Governance, In-House Counsel Services

Asset Protection

Entity Structuring, Irrevocable Trusts

Life Insurance

Indexed Universal Life, Term, Whole Life

Disability Insurance
Alternative Funding Mechanisms

Premium Finance, Premium Funding

Long-Term Care

Insurance Services