Business Consultation

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC strives to be your partner in business whether you are located here in Frisco, TX with us, located elsewhere in the Dallas or DFW Metroplex, or operate out of state. Our experience in business consulting brings a complete picture to your financials.

The following are services we provide:

Business Plan Development

If you are in the process of starting a new business, you’ve probably heard about needing to have a business plan. However, you’re not exactly sure what that means or where to start.

Business plan software packages can often give the business owner a lot of reports and schedules, but many clients have found themselves more confused by all that information than when they started. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has extensive experience with the drafting of Business Plans. We can walk you through the steps of what is involved in writing a good plan.

In particular, we excel at developing the financial forecasts that are essential to writing a comprehensive business plan. If you have all or only part the marketing strategy, operational plans, industry details, and other text of plan organized and written but just can’t seem to
get a handle on the numbers; you owe it to yourself to give SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC a call.

Other Services

  • Business Plan Development
  • Growth Strategy and Planning
  • Process Documentation and Improvement
  • Profitability Consulting
  • Calculation of Business Value

Business Plans are not just for the new business owner. Business Plans should be revisited and redrafted regularly. Your business, your industry, and your life evolves over time; and your plan should evolve with it. If it has been a couple years since you sat down to really develop new goals and projections, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help you with setting those goals and quantifying those projections.

Growth Strategy and Planning

  • Increase revenues
  • Maximizing your take home income
  • Hiring new employees
  • Opening a 2nd or 3rd location

Whatever your growth plans entail, planning for and managing your growth is a critical part of owning and operating a business. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has years of experience working with businesses that are growing. There are a lot of moving parts on the machine that is your business, and keeping all those parts finely tuned is what presents you with the opportunity to grow successfully.

While it may appear counterintuitive, unmanaged growth can put you out of business almost as quickly as a decline in revenues. If that does not sound possible, then it is time to make an appointment with SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC to find out exactly how and what you need to do to avoid that possibility.

Process Documentation and Improvement

Q: What Makes Almost Every Market Leader a Market Leader?
A: Processes

How a business does what it does is often more important than the product or service they provide. Through improving your processes, your business can become more efficient and effective. More efficiency can quickly lead to greater profitability.

In order to begin improving your process to achieve improved efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability; you first need to document what you are doing now. With a thorough process documentation initiative, a business is taking the first steps toward improving those processes and the business.

Furthermore, if your exit strategy involves selling your business, then your process documentation may be the very thing that increases that selling price by 20-50%. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help you develop the processes and documentation that may lead to a substantial increase in the value of your business.

Profitability Consulting

You started and grew your business so you could provide more opportunity for you and your family, but all you seem to be doing is working more just to cover the bills without really enjoying the fruits of your labor. Understanding your profitability and how to manage your revenues and expenses is every bit as important as managing your cash flow.

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has worked with a wide variety of business owners across a broad spectrum of industries on finding ways to improve their profitability. If you find yourself working just to pay your bills and your taxes or do not feel that you are maximizing your profitability the way you should, give SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC a call.

Calculation of Business Value

If Someone Offered You a Million Dollars for Your Business, Would You Really Know if That Was a Fair Offer?

If you don’t believe that applying a simple rule of thumb like a multiple (three to five time gross profit) is a fair representation of your businesses worth, you’d be right. Understanding the liquidation value of your business, what other business like yours have sold for recently, and the projected future earnings of your business can all dramatically impact what your business is worth.

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can assist you with arriving at a calculation of this value whether it is to respond to a offer to buy, for a buy sell agreement, or for other internal use analyses a business owner might deem necessary. Understanding how much your business is worth can guide your decisions as a business owner.

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