Business and Tax Strategy

While preparing a return is a necessary part of nearly everyone’s life, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC will work with each client to discuss opportunities available to them to avoid paying more tax than they are obligated to pay. Let us help save you time and money by doing what we do best so you can get back to running your business.

Each client has a unique situation, and as a result, a unique strategy is developed for every client. What works for your neighbor or co-worker may not work for you, and it is SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC’s goal to find the strategy that works best for you.

Recurring Relationship Consulting

As your business grows and evolves, we can be there with you every step of the way to support in that evolution.   Without our structured planning and “Playbook” of strategies, we meet and discuss opportunities and answer questions throughout the year as things are happening.   This affords you the opportunity for proactive & professional advice that you can implement before the year ends and the opportunities disappear.

We offer these services through a fixed monthly fee that you can plan for without having hourly rate increases in prices just because you had some extra questions that needed answering.

During our regularly scheduled meetings and correspondence, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Tax deductions to include
  • Enhancing profitability
  • Expense reduction
  • Price & service mix adjustments
  • How to read & interpret financial statements
  • Banking & financing choices
  • Lease vs buy decisions
  • Process improvement
  • Employee vs Contractor decisions
  • All that other stuff you would normally Google related to business, finance, tax, and accounting.

Project Work

If you have an immediate need for advice, planning, insight, and support; SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help you with your business, accounting, and tax needs.  No more surprises from hourly rates that never end.   We provide you with a scope of work and price at the beginning.

Just some examples of project services we frequently provide:

  • Business acquisition support
  • Business sale support
  • Business startup advice & support
  • Entity planning and coordination
  • Entity reorganization
  • Ownership changes
  • QuickBooks setup
  • Bookkeeping catch up and cleanup
  • Financial projections
  • Limited Calculation of Business Value
  • IRS audit representation & support
  • IRS payment negotiation
  • IRS offer in compromise support
  • Payroll audit representation
  • Sales tax audit representation
  • QuickBooks training
  • Compensation analysis
  • Business plan development
  • Any moment you find yourself stuck needing to make a decision and want professional advice.