Business Analysis

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC offers a broad spectrum of services relating to business analysis for business owners located in Frisco, TX, Dallas, across the DFW Metroplex, and even in other states and countries.

Financial Modeling

If you find yourself trying to make a decision but you just don’t know how to quantify the impact of that decision, financial modeling may be the solution. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has extensive and unique experience in building financial models for a surprisingly large array of situations.

Some examples of situations where a financial model might be useful:

  • Building a Business Plan
  • Damage calculations in a litigation
  • Deciding if you can afford that new office
  • Estimating the impact of leasing vs. buying
  • Assessing the need for additional employees
  • Gauging the tax implications of an investment
  • Communicating your projected earnings to an investor
  • Projecting the impact of an increase or decrease in sales
  • Calculating which locations are profitable and which aren’t
  • Determining how much commission to pay your sales team
  • Quantifying just about any decision you want to make

If you are trying to make a big decision for your business or your family, and you don’t feel that “going with your gut” is enough; SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help provide you with additional information to help you in that decision.

Other Services

  • Financial Modeling
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Exit Strategy & Succession
  • HR Consulting
  • Product Cost and Pricing Development
  • Decision Point Analysis

Compensation Analysis

In larger organizations, Human Resource departments perform a compensation analysis to determine if the salaries they are paying to their employees is in line with the industry standards. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has experience in performing these same kinds of analyses.

A Compensation Analysis can be performed for a single individual, a sales team, executives, a department, and/or entire businesses. If you don’t have an HR Department to perform these studies for you, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can step in and provide that resource.

Exit Strategy & Succession Planning

What Is the Goal for Your Business?

Understanding what your ultimate goal with your business is can help guide your daily decisions. How you run a business that you are planning on selling in five years may be entirely different than how you run one that you are passing on to your kids. SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC works with business owners to first understand and define their ultimate goals, and then to establish the steps to achieve those goals.

Cost Segregation

If you own Commercial Property worth $1,000,000 or more, you need to call SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC. It is really that simple.

Cost Segregation is a study performed on the commercial property you own to determine what portions of that property can be segregated out to shorter depreciable lives. A shorter depreciable life means a larger tax deduction today instead of waiting 39 years to realize the full benefit of that deduction.

While every situation is different, studies have shown that for every $1,000,000 of property you reclassify for faster depreciation write-offs, the present value of your increased cash flow from income tax savings is approximately $230,000!!

Please Note – a business owner cannot just segregate items out on their own at their own discretion. Full documentation and procedures recognized in IRS rulings and judicial decisions is a necessary part of a properly performed Cost Segregation Analysis.

HR Consulting

Do you need the expertise and insight of an experienced Human Resources Manager, but you can’t afford to hire one full time?

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help you with that specific area of expertise. Whether you just need to discuss rules and regulations or you want someone to filter the hundreds of resumes you received prior to scheduling interviews, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC can help. Our Human Resources consultant has experience with large and small organizations and can provide the insight typically only available to your larger competitors.

Product Cost and Pricing Development

You’ve invented a new product, but you have no idea how much you should charge for it. In fact, you’re not really sure what it costs you to make on a per unit basis. Without a real understanding of how much an item costs, you and your sales people won’t know what their profit margins are.

SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has experience with determining these values to empower you with the information you need to make educated pricing and cost analysis decisions.

Decision Point Analysis

What Is Decision Point Analysis?

When you are trying to make a decision of any kind, but you are just stuck on which direction to go, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC has extensive experience in helping clients analyze unique situations from a variety of angles. Through good anlysis, more options often become evident than were previously apparent.

Through the implementation of any and all of the wide range of services we offer, we work diligently to provide you with the insight, the tools, and the information you need to make intelligent decisions. If you are at a decision point and need an independent resource to talk to about that imminent decision, SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC is here to be your sounding board and consultant.

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