About the SMD Team

income tax preparation frisco tx


Prior to founding SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC in Frisco, TX, Sean advised the owners and executives of medium to large organizations on business management, taxes, life/work balance, and other “CFO-like” topics. When he is not exhausted from chasing his three kids around or distracted with San Diego Chargers games (you didn’t think the SMD logo and website colors were an accident did you?), Sean advises small to medium sized business owners on those same topics. He is passionate about not being your “typical CPA” and loves supporting individuals and business owners through teaching, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and consulting.

income tax preparation frisco tx

Accounting Services Manager

Sergeant First Class Kirk (US Army Reserves) likes to be called the Princess of Quickbooks. While she may try to bark orders at Sean from time to time, she specializes in working closely with clients to clearly explain accounting in a way that is understandable and free of accounting jargon. With over 30 years working at public accounting firms (none better than SMD, of course), Leslie brings a wealth of knowledge to any situation. After 2 overseas deployments with the reserves, tax season and the IRS are a vacation and concierge as far as she’s concerned.


Office Manager

Alisha should be wearing a cape day in and day out while she ‘saves the day’ and helps keep an office full of accountants under control. Believe it or not, we can be a rowdy bunch. When she is not managing accountants acting like kids, she is passionately supporting her son’s baseball, basketball, and football endeavors. Alisha is very client focused and works extremely hard to make sure our team is organized and equipped to exceed your expectations. If you ever need something from SMD, you can count on Alisha to either handle it herself or find the right team member for the job.

Darius IMMORTAL art cropped


Imported to the state of Texas from Atlanta, Darius is in the process of hanging up his football cleats for an accountant’s pocket protector. He has already earned team MVP in college and rookie of the year in arena football, so he now wants to find a way to win an award as an accountant by scoring as many victories as he can for SMD’s clients. Darius has been specializing in cleaning up client books in Quickbooks, preparing federal and state income tax returns, and mooching lunch off of others. If you need assistance with the first two areas, feel free to drop him a line. If you don’t believe me about the third one … you have been warned.

Larry D. West, III


Larry D West III, the founder of L. West Enterprises LLC, comes from the great white north, the land of the cheese, the dairy capital of the U.S., the home of the Lambeau Leap, the winter wonderland known as Wis-Kahn-Sen. Larry fits right in with the eclectic SMD bunch by balancing his tax nerd side with his commitment to his family and his creative side. When he has a spare moment from trying to convince little Larry IV that Lebron is better than Jordan (he’s not), Larry might be found writing short stories, performing poetry, or coaching/mentoring young professionals (a.k.a. “the Millennials”). We are very lucky to have Larry bring his tax and coaching expertise to the SMD Team, and we are especially eager to hear some “performance poetry”. I’m sure there’s an “Ode to Aaron Rodgers” inside of him waiting to burst forth in rhyme.

Megan Bluem


Ready?! Oh… KAY! *Clap* (Let’s do that in the best Texas Cheerleader voice you can, alright?) When Mamma Megan isn’t juggling her daughters’ busy schedules with dance and cheerleading, she is leaping and flipping in her own way by bookkeeping for SMD clients. Megan is a certified bookkeeper with years of experience in both public accounting and the corporate world. As is reasonable, too much accounting like that would make anyone want to run away. Megan has taken that to a whole new level and started running for real. Sean may put a 00.0 sticker on his car, but Megan has earned the right to put the 13.1 and 26.2 stickers on her car. Be sure to ask her about her “Dopey run” in Disney World.

Suzanne Palasek

Director of First Impressions

Suzanne has been known to make others look good through the lens of a camera. She continues that theme here at SMD. She makes the whole company look good through welcoming every client, employee, and guest with grace and ease. That, of course, is when she’s not chauffeuring all over town between martial arts, baseball, volunteering, and various other activities. You parents know what THAT’S like! I want to point out something crazy about Suzanne, but she’s a much better person than the rest of us weirdos. She balances our crazy.